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    Ajax Server Monitor


    I would like to announce my little project, which i'm working on (it's not yet publicly available). It's real time server monitor for remote monitoring. It could be considered as remote top in your web browser.

    This project was born for usage in our company. We're using linux servers with apache/php/postgresql for hosting our erp system. Every our client has his own server. Sometimes there's need to see what's happening on their server because they're complaining about slow responses. It can be caused by long running scripts (sometimes scripts can run for couple of hours). This software can be used for quick diagnosis of such situations.

    Anyway, now i would like to rewrite/refactor this application for better maintenance and easier writing on new components. After that i would like to release it (under some open source license) and start a project on sf or google code.

    But now i would like to know it such software could be considered useful by someone else than me

    If you would like to see it in action go to vimeo and look for "ajax server monitor". I can't post a link (i don't have enough post count).

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    I like the your monitor and I would consider it very useful. I am currently setting up a webserver and will not be in the same house and it would be very nice to be able to monitor it from where ever I happen to be. I also plan to setup a home network with a seperate server and a mythtv backend so it would be nice to be able to monitor them in real time when I dont have monitors hooked up.

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