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Thread: webserver setup

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    webserver setup

    I am setting up a webserver to run off of my home internet connection with the ubuntu 8.04 mini install disk. All that i really want to be able to do with it is have it run Apache, and an ftp server, as well as an ssh server and maybe run webmin (with a firewall of course). It only has a 7 GB hdd and is running a 300mHz processor.

    1) So should I just go with a cli and the server kernel or should I go all out and do the full server install?
    2) What is a good ftp server that i can use to manage my website remotely and is easy to configure with no gui
    3) I was also wondering what would be the best filesystem to use for the hdd since the computer is so old and only has 128MB of ram, i was thinking of using ext2 anyone know of one that would be better?

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    take a look at

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    I know and have used webmin, I like it but I really want to learn to do stuff with the shell, and not have to depend on the gui. Also since I am going to be running a business website off of this server I am not sure that I want to take the security risk

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    If you are going to run a business Web site from this box, isn't it wise to invest a little in the hardware and run a more robust and capable machine? Just food for thought. As to your questions, I've had excellent luck with Ubuntu Server, it's a minimal install and will install all the necessary LAMP functionality.

    As for FTP, I use VSFTPD - easy to configure. To easily manage your box, assuming that this box isn't in a DMZ, is to install SAMBA and create a SAMBA share for your Web root and you can copy and paste the HTML and other associated files via a mapped drive or connected drive, depending upon OS. Best of luck.

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