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    Lan server installation ??

    After going through the internet (with my friend Google), I seem to be stuck..

    Before I turned to Linux, when I used Windows, I had W2K Advanced Server installed on my server and configured it as a domain server. All users where configured and maintained on it. From all workstations, they would log in on the server.

    I've been working with Linux for more than a year now and want to setup my (linux) system in the same way. But I can't figure out how to do it...

    I come across names likes "BIND", "NAMED", "NIS", "DNS", etc..
    Hopefully someone here can point me the right way.

    What's the intention? The server is setup (at this moment) with NFS as a fileserver and with CUPS as a printerserver. What I would like is a server which has all user-information central registered/mantained. If I clean up a workstation and do a clean-install, all relevant user info remains on the server.

    I also want to setup the server as a (local) game-server, but that's another story
    One thing I forgot... the setup is used as a LAN, only inside, not outside...

    Any suggestions are very welcome!

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    Can't you set up all the home directories at your server and use NFS or something similar at the workstations to get access to their homedirs?

    Here is some doc's you might be interested in:

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    Thanks for the info Kriss...

    The current installation is just based on NFS. On the server, one directory is "read/write" for everybody. With Firestarter, I configured access only for the local machines (10.0.0.x/ All users have the same rights.

    I wanted to setup the stuff more professional (?).

    For your info, FC2 is used on all machines.

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