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    Postfix, Sendmail and AOL


    I have installed a postfix server. I've no problem to send mails to servers like hotmail, free, wanadoo, ..., but when I try to send to an AOL server I have the folowing error message:
    <>&#58; host;; said&#58; 550 ACCESS DENIED &#40;in reply to MAIL FROM command&#41;
    Is someone have an idea about this problem?


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    hav u got dynamic ip or static?
    i've heard that aol rejects any mail from email servers on a dynamic ip.

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    Some mail servers will deny mail from other servers if their reverse DNS doesn't match. Try


    nslookup your IPaddress

    should look something like this

    nslookup #random numbers not real just for example

    then type
    nslookup mail.

    They should match forward and reverse.

    If they don't this could explain why some servers accept and some don't

    This is a function some admins use to reduce spam


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    I found this message on the net:
    Quote Originally Posted by [url[/url]]on May 31st 4:30pm EDT, AOL introduced an additional (in their mind) protection against SPAM. AOL presumes that any MTA whose reverse DNS indicates it is on DSL or a cable modem, is not a professional operation and a likely source of spam. They should have provided an area code 703 number to call for information. My guess is that your sendmail is the MTA of record and the reverse DNS shows something with adsl, dsl, attbi or other cable related. The solution is to take control of your reverse DNS and tie it to a domain at your site.
    So, I add this lines in /etc/postfix/transport,
    Code: smtp&#58;&#91;; smtp&#58;&#91;;
    and I rebuild the database and reload the postfix's config file:
    postmap /etc/postfix/transport
    postfix reload
    This resolve my problem, not exactely like I want but it's the only one solution I found.

    Thanks for your help.

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