I am attempting to build a fileserver/printserver on a Fedora Core 2 machine running a Samba server. I have 2 windows XP Pro machines hooked up to the linux server. Connected to the linux server via USB ports are a HP LaserJet 2300 and a HP DeskJet 810c.

I can print to the LaserJet 2300 and the HP DeskJet 810c from the linux server just fine. The problem comes when I try to print from the Windows XP machines. I get a long delay until the file prints, which in and of itself wouldn't be too terrible. The real problem is that some programs take FOREVER to load or to open files once I have added the linux networked printer to the XP machine. (WordPerfect 11 and WordPerfect 12 are the main problems.) If I delete the printer on the XP machine, there is no delay, even if I attempt to open a file on the linux machine. But once I add the printer to the XP machine, I get unacceptable delays.

I have used ethereal to capture some of the output. The computers (the XP Pro machine and the linux server) seem to be sending enormous amounts of DCERPC packets via TCP to try to open the application and/or open the file. But I can't figure out what this enormous amount of information means.

Help Please!