hi all

im wanna use openvpn on ubuntu server (latest one) so my mate can connect to my network but i looked for tutorials and most of it i understand but the bit i dont get it the iptables which im a newbie with. I wanna use 2 nic cards one for the connection from the router to the server for the internet etc and the other connection to go to the router again but once authorize it goes though to the router then the client is connected to the network (router) where the other machines are but its got to be on the right subnet so my mate can go on the intranet site etc.

I understand that the client connects to the public ip and then goes though to the router then that is set to forward the vpn connection to the vpn server then once authorize it goes though the other nic card back to the router which connects the client to the network

how would this be done via the iptables for openvpn

many thanks