Hi to al l,
Hope you all will be fine. Actually i want send email to subdomain.domain.com domain is my main domain which is on server and subdomain is my subdoamin which is on question is did i configure sendmail on both servers to do this happen or entry in the below file is enough on In my /va/named/file i enter filelds like this.The address where i suppose to send mail is somename@asterisk.netkarachi.com

netkarachi.com. IN NS ns1.netkarachi.com.
netkarachi.com. IN NS ns2.netkarachi.com.
netkarachi.com. IN MX 10 mail.netkarachi.com.
ns1.netkarachi.com. IN A
ns2.netkarachi.com. IN A
ns9.netkarachi.com. 1400 IN A
astersik.netkarachi.com. 1400 IN MX 30 ns9.netkarachi.com.

Also is it possibe that i configure my sendmail on that when it receives a voice mail from direct it to a particular folder on that server.
Thanks in advance