Hi I need help with antispam. I use spamassassin with razor. And when I test spamassassin --lint -D razor2 then I get result that razor2 : test local only, skipping razor. I need test razor in connection to the internet. I dont know how it do. Can you advise me?
I find out from spamassassin web the following:

How to turn on network tests

Edit your spamd start-up script, or start-up options file (depending on which OS you're running, these may be different). There should be a -L or --local switch in that file. Remove it to enable network tests.

But i cant find the file with the switch -L. I use CentOS...
When I type the folowing: spamassassin -t -D razor2 < /tmp/spam
I want to get something like this:
debug: Razor is available
debug: Razor Agents 1.20, protocol version 2.
debug: Read server list from /home/jgb/.razor.lst
debug: 72636 seconds before closest server discovery
debug: Closest server is
debug: Connecting to
debug: Connection established
debug: Signature: 48e74b8496877ba45072b201b41eebed7038186b
debug: Server version: 1.11, protocol version 2
debug: Server response: Negative
debug: Message 1 NOT found in the catalogue