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Thread: Proxy Server?

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    Proxy Server?

    Hey ppl. I'm wanting to setup a proxy but have never done it before so need some advice. I've just got a home server running Ubuntu Server. Now I've done a bit of searching online and found a proxy called Squid. Is this good or have you got any better recommendations?


    p.s. I setup Firefly for music server to iTunes...very nifty.

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    Squid is an excellent choice. Many mainstream distros use it by default (as do a lot of the application-specific firewall derivitives out there). I have used it quite a few times, once on my desktop PC to give myself my own caching proxy. LOL Worked well.

    Just select the package, install it and the set the service to run. The config file can be daunting, but depending on what you want to do, the man and help files are good enough. There are also tons of howto's on the net.

    Take it slow going through the config file, the explinations are usually self-explanatory, and you should be fine.

    Good luck!
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