I asked this question in another subforum, but I suspect it was misplaced there.
This is the last time I'll ask this, sorry for the repetition.

I have a bunch of snmpwalks from a set of servers. I would like to make an snmpd configuration which serves snmp, but which answers questions from the output of the snmpwalks. I have already written code to parse the snmpwalk output and create XML files with the relevant data, and my application can read these. But I would like to really simulate snmp as far down as I can.

I see from the net-smnp documentation that I can write shell scripts or other programs to answer snmp queries for specific OID subtrees. But I'm wondering if there is a way to do this for the core snmp OIDs. Basically I don't want snmpd to answer any questions from the local machine at all. I want it to answer questions from my database of answers.

I can write a net-snmp agent or subagent if necessary. I'm capable of writing
C code well enough.

I know there are commercial products which will do this, but my boss is too cheap to
pay for them, and they seem to be very expensive.

Thanks in advance.