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    Redhat and Apache

    I just started a new job and am so overwhelmed. I am a desktop support guy with novell server and some windows server experience. I am now in a job that utilizes Red Hat Linux 4 and 5 with VMware. I need to create an account in apache to give FTP access to an instructor to upload her web pages to the apache web server. Can anyone tell me how to create a user account in Apache?

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    hello and welcome

    It is possible for apache to do authentication, this is mostly used to guard parts of a website or all of it.
    And also apache can be configured for file upload via http methods (webdav),
    or via some language module (php, perl, python,...).

    But Apache does HTTP, not FTP.

    So, I am quite sure that you got the problem wrong.
    What you are most likely asked to do is:
    "Add a ftp user to server XYZ.
    That ftp user shall have read/write permission to the directory, that apache uses also to deliver content."

    As for the actual procedure:
    It depends. There are multiple scenarios, depending on how the servers are setup
    and how they interact.
    So I cannot give you detailed instructions.

    You are new at the place, so you cannot possibly know the setup.

    Find out several points:
    - Is there any in-house documentation on how to setup new ftp users?
    - Is there a management tool in place?
    There are webbased applications like Webmin, that can modify several configurations including ftp users. Of course you would need access to such a tool then.
    - Which server is actually meant?
    - Which directory does she need access to?
    - Is she actually supposed to have that access? This is a valid question, but in your "new guy - intructor" relation: handle with care
    - How many files and how big are the files she wants to upload there?
    She may be your instructor, but you act as a unix sysadmin here.
    That info is for capacity planning.
    Even if you will not do the capacity planning yourself, the person responsible might ask you that question.
    - Is there a policy on how complicated the passwords must be?
    - are the passwords changed after a certain time?
    - How are the ftp users managed? They could be:
    * unix system users in the textfiles /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow
    This would (most likely) mean, you require shell access and root privileges to add a user.
    * unix users in ldap. Then you need access to that ldap tree.
    Again multiple possibilities: via a webtool or commandline tool, or native ldap tool,...
    * There is also something called "virtual users". That could be used, too.
    The idea behind that: have a list of users in a textfile, database, whereever.
    Manage them there, with -you guessed it- the apropiate tool
    Than these virtual users are mapped to a real unix user for the actual file access.

    In short:
    Prepare some questions and get information.
    Either from your instructor, documentation or from the tech guys.
    And if you got them, write down the neccessary steps for later use.

    have fun

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