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Thread: permissions???

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    Hi everyone, I am new to RHLE and I need some quidance. I figured out how to create a user account, set password and add the user to certain groups but now I need to set file and directory permissions to the new user. (Goal being to allow new user to FTP/SFTP files from home directory to a different directory on the server to update existing web pages, or the ability to FTP or SFTP to the desired directory bypassing home) Will chmod work for this and can someone help me with command line by example. or if GUI will work which one do you suggest (I am more familiar with GUI, I don't want to give wrong permissions in command line and create a mess) Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    You do not set file and directory permisions to a user.

    Itīs the other way round.
    Every file/directory has
    • a user / group
    • user/group/other permissions -> rwx rwx rwx

    Please take a look at this webpage-directory.
    • what group is set there?

    and does the group have
    • read/write/execute permissions on all directories
    • read/write permissions on all files

    then add you user to that group.

    I understand, that this is a already running system.
    i.e. other users can already read/write in that webpage-directory?

    So changing permissions on files/dirs ist most likely wrong.
    Take a look on the groups of these other users, too.

    Note: there is a primary group for every user, that is determined by the groupid (gid) in /etc/passwd.
    And there are also additional group definitions in /etc/group

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