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    Does Samba work across networks?

    A simple question - Does samba work across networks?
    My linux work computer (at a university) is running samba, and
    my windows work computer can access the samba shares without problems.

    However, if I try to access the linux/samba share from home, it does not work (it can find the linux computer if I type in the IP share name directly, ie\\sharename from the "map network drive" dialogue).
    It just doesn't let me on. I have my home IP address allowed in the smb.conf file, although my connection is through a cable modem, so maybe
    that is causing the failure somehow.

    So, should I even expect this to work, or does samba only work within
    a specific subnet?

    Thanks for any help/advice anyone can provide!!

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    Samba will happily work across networks.

    I used to regularly access samba shares the other side of the world from my home address.

    Firstly make sure that your home network actually routes data correctly to your work system using the samba ports it is quite possible that the windows ports are specifically blocked at your university firewall.

    Secondly, I would not recommend posting an ip address. You would be surprised at the number of people who will try a whole host of vulnerabilites against your system given the knowledge of some of the services you are running.

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    thanks for the tip

    Do you know which ports I need to ensure are open? I have tried enabling
    about everything I can in the smb.conf script on the work computer, to no avail. I thought maybe my internet at home (through good old Charter Communications) had a necessary port blocked. By the way, there is NO
    firewall in front of the work computer (surprising, I know); just the native software firewall that now comes with most linux systems.

    Regarding the IP i posted, it was a fake. I just didn't want to type I'm not that gullible, but I know some people are...very sage advice.


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    You will need

    137-139 by the looks of things and possibly 445

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