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    Gadmin-Proftpd question

    Hi, Im trying to setup a home server for my mp3s and movies, I use to have one 250Gb hdd and that was it but now I add a 500Gb HDD that I would like to use it for the movies only, I mount the HDD in the ftp path /home/lust/ the name of the HDD is DVDR so the current path is /home/lust/DVDR, but everytime I try to access it via FTP it says:

    [R] CWD DVDR
    [R] 550 DVDR: No such file or directory

    Im currently using Proftpd and Gadmin-Proftpd, I would like to know how to configure the HDD so Proftpd can give me access to it as a regular folder, I already make sure that the user has access to it.

    If someone can help me or send me a link were I can read how to do this I would really appreciate it, I have been googling for something like Proftpd second HDD or second default root but couldnt find anything that solves my problem.


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    What distro are you running?

    I don't know about FTP servers, other than to be sure the daemon is running. Running something like this should tell you:
    service proftpd status

    But why ftp? Why not nfs? You can export the whole disk with nfs to every machine on you home network by adding a line in /etc/exports something like this. Naturally, modify the IP address range you use (or host names):
    If you mount it on other PCs all applications will be able to read (and write if you specified rw, not ro) the files directly. You won't need to download and then execute. And uploading can be done with a "save as" or simple copy.

    See exports(5), fstab(5), nfs(5) and mount(8).

    But if exporting to Windows machines, you'll have to setup Samba, which is a little more involved.

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