i read about this packetfence, it looks ok, but right now i have some problems with installation.
anyway, i'll be persistant, hoping that it will work.
now, i had a problem (and still have!) with my squid. tryed to make a MAC blacklist, but it's not functioning. i mentioned this issue earlier in this topic. even if i put only one mac in a blacklist, every site becomes blocked, for every user. do you think that i can solve this problem, and how?
here's an example of my squid.conf:

visible_hostname admin
http_port 8080
acl nastyclient arp 12:34:34:ab:ab:ab

acl deny nastyclient

it si a very basic configuration, but it is supposed to be enough to block a "nastyclient"
insted of that, every site is blocked for every user.
how can i solve this problem?