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    Tomcat pre-install question

    My Debian Lenny development server is currently on a home network behind a linksys adsl router. I currently have Apache/php/mySQL. I'd like to install Tomcat 5.5 so I can do some JSP/Servlet programming.

    The only concern I have is whether or not there are any issues with Tomcat coexisting with the other applications, all of which use apache in one way or another. I'm thinking that potentially there may be conflicts since both Tomcat and Apache are webservers. Anything I should watch out for. Perhaps they should not both be running at the same time?

    In a broader sense I can see using this server for a number of different things, not all at the same time mind you, such as Internet gateway/firewall, domain server, file & print server, LAMP server etc.

    Anyone see any problems looming with application conflicts that I should watch for?

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    tomcat / apache:
    They can happily co-exist, just be careful with IP and ports.
    Both listening to all IPs, port 80 will not work, of course.

    But you could
    - add a second IP and restrict apache to the first, tomcat to the second
    - or just use different ports for apache/tomcat.
    The first option is preferable, as you dont have add the port to the URL in the browser.

    From an architectual view:
    This "One machine does all" approach has some issues.

    - If one process takes more RAM than anticipated and brings the machine to swap or even OOM, all the other processes are affected, too.
    - Same principle for IO.
    e.g: If mysql and samba would share the same disc(s) and a user does heavy fileoperations,
    then your website will be slow as well, as mysql is affected by that IO.

    Setup and Maintenance:
    - The more processes, the more complicate it gets to re-create that machine in case of e.g. updating to a newer major version of linux or due to a hardware failure.
    - Also working on the machine or updating has the inherit danger of affecting all the processes.

    Backup and Availability:
    - With more processes, the machine becomes more important, thus it needs redundant hardware + hardware raid + monitoring + ressource watching, etc, etc, so that it can be a stable basis.
    - As for backup. You need one

    just my 2cents

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    Thanks Irithori. Sounds like I'm ok with Tomcat/Apache. I'll revisit this thread when I get around to actually doing the install, which will probably be a little while yet.

    In a general sense with a "one server fits all" machine. It's really just me in my basement for the foreseeable future, I can try to simulate heavy activity, but I don't see any problems associated with the actually amount of normal activity generated by server requests, and if I do run into problems. Well then that's part of the reason why I am doing this. T o learn what can and cannot be solved. Aside from dealing wit port conflicts, one can always just shut down a service if it get in the way.

    Anyways, my server has 512 MB


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