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    selecting last record

    i am new to MYSQL, so forgive the stupidity. actually worked with it years ago, but forgot most.

    anyway, i have a table, and the UserID column auto increments.

    and of course the only index i have is on THAT column.

    so AFTER inserting a NEW record, i want to go to the last RECORD and retireve that UserID as fast as possible.

    i know the whole "select UserID from TABLE"

    but how do i say WHERE LAST RECORD (google returns too many hits, can't find the right one)

    and do i need to specify the index?


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    The function LAST_INSERT_ID() will return the last auto-incremented value. You don't even have to run a select statement. Just assign a variable to the value that LAST_INSERT_ID() returns.

    For future reference, mysql has a great documentation section at
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    according to the dox, that's per client....i need the LAST # period, no matter who made it....MANY clients here

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    how's this

    right now am doing this:

    SELECT UserID from MyTable order by UserID DESC limit 1;

    now the ONLY index that exists on this table is on i need to include it somehow in that statement?

    thanks again

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