Hi there,

I have a problem with using Samba. I mounted some netware volumes on my OpenSuse 11.1 box with ncpmount, this all works well. When I share these mounts with Samba to access them on an Windows XP client, it works for accessing the files.

When I try to write to these share from Windows XP, I get a 'disk full' error. I have rights to write to the shares. It seems to me the problem is in the disk size that Windows reports. It sais alle the shares are 20 MB of disk size and there's 0 MB of free disk space.

There should be enough disk space available on the Netware volumes. Also, when I look at the mounted Volumes in Suse, it also calculates the correct free disk space and total disk space. That is why I think the problem is in Samba?

Can anyone please help me? I tried a lot to fix this problem, but I still can't figure it out.

Thanks in advance.