Hi All!,

im in the process of setting up a hosting company for websites etc, most of the webdesign and techie stuff has been sorted but i am left with the last task of setting up the FTP server. i have had a look around the net "spent hours on google " trying to find an ftp server that is capable of reading user data from LDAP which mostly narrowed it down to PUREFTP or VSFPT, however one of the features of the system is the abality to give other users the permission to manage other peoples servers, saves giving your password out if you go away.

i have been able to get PUREFTP to read and login with the information from LDAP, but would like to know if its possiable to have multipul home directories.

say i have my own server, with the ftp home dir setup, i can login using my username and password, this will log me into my servers directory, but if my friend gives me ftp access, could i login using my username"at"his-server-id and my password to get access to his home directory?

i have had a look into most of the FTP servers which google found but cannot find one that has this feature.

i think that i have put this into a context that people can understand.

Thanks for you help