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    Problem with mp4 videos.

    Hello everybody,

    I have a problem with some mp4 videos and the downloads made from cellphones.

    I have a plain LAMP server (centos 5, apache 2, php 5), the customers download the videos from a web, mobile section, and play on their cellphones.

    The strange thing is that when they opened the video to play it on the cellphone, the video shows itself as a binary, although the extension remains mp4.

    Tried moving the same video to another server, and it was played ok without any changes.. so, tested another server and after making this changes, it was able to reproduce the mp4 format:

    I changed the Default mime.types from text/plain to application/octet-stream

    TypesConfig / etc / mime.types

    # DefaultType is the default MIME type the server will use for a document

    # If it can not otherwise determine one, such as from filename extensions.

    # If your server contains mostly text or HTML documents, "text / plain" isnte

    # A good value. If most of your content is binary, such as applications

    # Or images, you may want to use "application / octet-stream" instead to

    # Keep browsers from trying to display binary files as though they are

    # Text.


    DefaultType application / octet-stream

    When the videos out in binary, with a lot of strange characters, leaving just this: application / octet-stream

    I see in /etc/mime.types and there is support for many formats, including. Mp4

    However, on the original first server even if I change the above code, I can not reproduce mp4.

    On any laptop or pc from the three servers I can reproduce the videos, the problem it’s just on one server playing from cellphones.

    I think it's a parsing problem.

    Do you have any suggestions for me on this?

    What do you think?



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    I enabled registers_globals in php.ini and the problem was solved.


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