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    so u mean , i hav to hav DNS server,if i need to send mail to outer domain. I'll not be able to send mail to outer domain if i don hav DNS server.??

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    From a DNS point of view,
    a properly configured mailserver should have:
    - a fixed, public IP
    - a A record
    - a MX record
    - a PTR record
    - propably SPF
    SPF: Project Overview

    If these basics are done, you can start configuring the mailserver itself.
    Most important: make sure it is no open-relay.

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    hey Irithori

    Its done ..thanks a ton!!!
    the issue was with port is unblocked now...

    May god belss you always....

  4. $spacer_open
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    hey Kieren

    thanks alot, the issue was with port only
    Its working now

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    my issue is resolved, but i have a query for my knowledge sake.If i configure a DNS server, do i need to register my domain formally to some site, or will it work on my system's dnsdomain?

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    May 2009
    While registering a domain, you can choose to have your own DNS.
    You need at least two.
    They have to be public reachable, ie have public and static IP addresses.
    As a consequence, you are then responsible for configutation, security and availability.

    no DNS -> no mail
    no DNS -> no.. nothing

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    I am still confused with the term 'registering the DNS'. Could you spread some more light on that..

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    I found this very useful guide couple of years back : Quick HOWTO : Ch21 : Configuring Linux Mail Servers - Linux Home Networking
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