Okay so I've setup 389 Directory Server, setup postfix for virtual users, all working okay. When I've come to setup Thunderbird for address book lookup nothing happens. Ive setup thunderbird with the following settings in Directory Server Properties:

Name: bill
Hostname: bill.andben.com
Base DN: dc=andben,dc=com
Port Number: 389
Bind DN: (left blank)

Subtree: checked.
Search filter: (objectClass=person)
Login Method: Simple

When I click 'Download Now' it says 'replication suceeded' but no records/addresses appear. There are definately users under the DN 'ou=People,dc=andben,dc=com'. I've tried setting the Bind DN to a user and to the Directory Manager but no difference.

Address lookups work when creating a new email but no records appear when you go into Address Book and choose the Directory Server, the right panel is blank.

There are no errors on the DS end and no errors from Thunderbird. Anyone any ideas?