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    Question Trying to join Windows (xp and vista) to linux domain - Wirelessly

    Hi there. Let me give a brief description of how I currently have things setup

    D-Dlink DIR-655 Wirless Router using WPA2 encryption and is the gateway between my systems and the internet. It also supplies the DHCP addressing to the systems.

    A Windows XP Pro based laptop using wireless.
    A Windows Vista 64bit Home Professional desktop (2 floors up) using wireless

    Also there is one computer that has no OS on it as i'm trying to decide what linux flavor to use - this will be the server/domain controller. This will be hardwired to the router.

    A network printer connected wired to the D-Link router

    Possible other systems will be included eventually but this is all for now

    The Problem

    I want to set up the one "blank slate" computer to act as a Domain controller with roaming profiles for the windows based systems. I've done this in the past hardwired, with internal DNS and DHCP tables. In this case it will be getting its IP addresses from the Router not internally set. The other problem is the other computers are wireless not directly attached. The common middle point or link is the router.

    I was originally thinking of also having the server act as authentication with FreeRadius for the router, but I realised that this may be more complicated and may be something I can revisit at a later date. When I was researching this topic initially, I found that in order for this type of setup to work, one needs to have the windows xp systems configured with a wireless "bootstrap" to authenticate against the radius server, prior to logging into the domain. However all information I found on it was refering to MS ISA server - not FreeRadius or even linux.

    So Ignoring the Radius server part for now, and just concentrating on the Domain and Roaming profiles to be working, is there a way for me to get my Windows based computers to authenticate to a Linux Domain controller (most likely using LDAP or MySQL), wirelessely through the router?

    Thanks in advance.


    PS: If this is at all possible - what linux distro would you reconmend? I have been using Ubuntu in the past, but I'm also familure with RedHat. I've heard good things about LinuxMint. My biggest issue is that I had massive problems with the latest version (9.10) of Ubuntu - where the HAL seemed to be messed up quite royal - Mount point references were not setup or had been changed since the previous version.

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    While sitting at my desk, eating a poutine and pondering this issue I think I may have accidentally enraged some dying brain cells that weren't killed off by the alochol binge over the weekend, as I was now starving them of blood flow through my arteries.

    What I came up with may indeed work. I haven't tried it yet, but I will once I get home.

    Windows XP and above, have a service that can be set to launch at startup, called "Wireless Zero Configuration". I had disabled this originally when I first set this up, as it did not support WPA encryption, and chose to use the software that came with the wireless cards. This software only launches after loggin into the system - hence a possible issue with conneting to a domain.

    However, since installation, there were about a zillion patches that microsoft has released (most broken but this one actually works kinda sorta) to allow XP and Vista to connect to a wireless router/access point via WPA or WPA2.

    In Theory - and I do mean Theory - it is possible to dissable or uninstall the 3rd party wireless application that is currently controlling connection, activate the Wireless zero configuration service to run at boot/startup, and - in theory - this should allow the computer to negotiate the wireless connection prior to log in.

    Does this sound like I'm heading in the right direction?


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