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    Relay email from internal postfix server to postfix gateway/smarthost server

    Hi, Im noob to postfix.

    I have managed with great effort, to setup a postfix mail server with dovecot, postfixadmin, apache2 and webmin with a MySQL database
    and it all works. I can create mulitple domains and emails addresses for each domain. Emails are coming in and going out just fine.

    I want to setup a client with a similar server and they want to do large internal emailing and for outgoing mail,
    they must use my postfix mail server. I have been reading oreilly_postfix_the_definitive_guide and The Book of Postfix - State
    of The Art Message Transport, all week and stil not getting the results Im looking for.

    Could someone please help!! I have looked at all the posts I could find and tried them all. I just cant seem to get comms across.

    If you could please post some detailed information, such as if I need to create the same domains and users on both servers. The configurations
    for, and any other changes. I'll post my config files when needed.

    Thanks again.


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    adding a smarthost in postfix is as easy as adding this to your
    relayhost =

    the next step would be deciding on how to handle this mail on the gateway machine

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