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    Is it possible to ask DHCP+DNS assign a randomize hostname to client?

    Hello, thanks for viewing my question.
    Is it possible to ask DHCP / DHCP + DNS to assign the hostname randomly to client?
    If nope,
    is it possible to ask it to assign the hostname to client based on a pattern? For example,
    the network is
    If the IP address of get the hostname call Computer1 get the hostname call Computer2
    so in general 192.168.1.% get the hostname Computer%

    or based on the last 3-4 HEX value as part of the Hostname is also ok

    Just in case that MAC address is unknown or base on some prefix (for example 00:0c:29) and the rest is random. (All the host are not static host)

    Thanks for it

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    doesn't the dhcp dns relationship usually require the client hand its name, and then dhcp gives it an ip and registers it with dns?? if thats true (and I think it is) dns does not hand out the names

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    On the contrary i guess it _is_ the default behavior (though not sure if it happens in the pattern you wish nor that it changes with every boot/internet session).
    Atleast that was the case during CentOS and openSUSE install. I usually override it and give own hostname during install.

    Sorry, I don't know how to reverse it.
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