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    apache2 or httpd

    I'm confused, and I may simply be doing it to myself. I want to install Apache on a newly-installed Kubuntu OS. I downloaded the package (v. 2.2.11 Ubuntu) using
    apt-get install apache2
    This isn't my first time installing Apache on a Linux machine, but I haven't done it often enough to be proficient at it. However, I have the vague memory that the executable is named httpd, and the book I'm using (O'Reilly's "Apache: The Definitive Guide") confirms that, adding that apache is the executable for Windows.

    Indeed, when I run a find command on my older openSuSE installation, I find an executable named httpd in the .../apache/bin/ folder.

    But I don't find any such executable file on the Kubuntu machine after installing Apache today. Instead, I find an executable named apache2, and when I run
    apache2 -h
    I get the same results as when I run
    httpd -h
    on the openSuSE machine.

    So it appears that the executable filename has been changed. Admittedly, my previous experience is a year or so old, and the book is even older than that. I've been searching (Apache Foundation website, Google, here, Ubuntu Forum) for some reference to a name-change for the executable file, but I don't find any. Is that, in fact, the case? Or am I overlooking something?

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    As always on a *Nix system, you can review the init script for the paths and daemon names.

    less /etc/init.d/apache2
    Google: apache2 tutorial ubuntu

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    Another lesson for me in Nix-craft . . . Thanks!


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