I have a few conditions to meet with a new samba setup.I want to migrate a windows based share to a linux samba share. However this time the share is in the regular corporate LAN and I do not have the rights to add this samba server to the corporate windows domain.

1. Samba share should emulate the normal windows share i.e. the share should be accessible without having to authenticate (without prompting for a password)
2. I do not want to add the samba server as a member server to the windows Domain.
3. I need some level of access control on the shares using the Linux groups.
4. Share access should be provided by adding users to linux machine and then adding these users to the appropriate groups which in turn will map to the shared directories in samba

The questions I have are:-

1. Can I set the "password server = windows DC server" and expect windows DC server to authenticate all users who are trying to access the share when the "security = user or server"
2. Is it possible at all to have passwordless access of shares from windows clients who are a member of the windows domain, without adding the samba server to the domain?

Please suggest a configuration that will make this happen without me having to join this samba server as a member of windows domain.