Hi everyone, new to the linux world...and I need some help with some sendmail issues that I've been working on for a while.

Some basic facts, I'm setting up some servers through a local network around my school for a project and they are all on CentOS 5.0 (server install).

I've also configured Crontab so that they will generate some scripts and the script will send an email to me, one from each server. Crontab handles the scheduling of the scripts and will run twice a day.

I'm supposed to recieve two emails per day per server, but for some reason I get 4 emails. 2 for each scheduled time. Oddly, one of them is from root while the other is from a pre-configured name that I set up (eg: admin(at)engineering.001).

Could I ask what I've done wrong? Been trying to solve this for the last two weeks and I haven't found an answer.

Thank you for helping this noob out.