Dear friends,

I am here with a typical problem with my home email server. I hope anyone of you would have exerienced the same problem I'm experiencing currently. Please help me or guide me if somebody knows something about it. Thanks in advance!

My requirement:
I want a mail server that can relay mails to the internet using GMail and fetch the mails of different accounts into the mail server and distribute them to their respective users. I am using Postfix, Fetchmail and Dovecot. I have a PC with 3 users. My father, brother and I use the PC having Ubuntu 9.04 and share the internet. We all send mail and retrieve mail. We do use Evolution and Mutt sometimes. We want to send our mails with our email_ids without even logging in.

We want to send mail using our email_ids but currently the one used in sasl_passwd file for GMail authentication is sent as the From address. People can't reply to this address and I want to change that. Is it possible that I tell postfix to rewrite email addresses based on the generic file? And how? Can I use any email_id such as yahoo, rediffmail, msn, hotmail, gmail? Please help me!

Thanks & Regards,