I've been reading up on our current OpenVPN setup and have been trying to configure a fixed IP for a particular server we have in a colocation that uses an OpenVPN tunnel to our office.
For the life of me it's not working.

Basically the current setup we have is:

OpenBSD 4.5 running our firewall and OpenVPN server

This server has 2 different internet connections (2 different T1 connection providers).

We have it setup with 4 servers.
server1: 192.168.210.X using UDP on T1 connection #1 (tun0)
server2: 192.168.220.X using TCP on T1 connection #1 (tun1)
server3: 192.168.230.X using UDP on T1 connection #2 (tun2)
server4: 192.168.240.C using TCP on T1 connection #2 (tun3)

I wanna put the fixed IP on server3. So in the server3.conf file I put:

client-config-dir ccd

put a directory in /etc/openvpn called ccd.
Then create a file called coloserver (I got this name because the certificate of this server is called coloserver.crt
Not entirely sure if that's correct.

Then in the ccd/coloserver file I entered the following:


Basically I want my coloserver to have the IP address.
I set aside the address as according to the How-To it is the paired IP for it.
I guess I don't understand what I'm missing here cause I disconnect and reconnect my daemon on the colocation server and I get IP's from the 192.168.230.X pool but not the .253 that I want

Thanks for any advice.