I've a problem with theese three packages.

I've setup a Debian server with openLDAP then I've configured Samba and co.
at the end I decided to "link" the openLDAP with the Linux authentication.

My problem is:
When I log in as root, I get the message that I need to change the password because it wasn't changed for too long.
After I've changed it, I can log in with the old and the new one ... theres still the message coming, that it needs to get changed.

Combining my knowledge I guess that the "passwd" program only changes the local password-file but it doesn't seem to update the openLDAP table.

My questions:
Is that usual?
-Do I need a tool to change the password within the LDAP.
-Or is it a wrong setting in my pam or nss or ldap configuration?

As you read I've no clue and need help.
If you need the config of a package, to help please write which ... software or file ...
It's not reals set-up secure yet ... wanted to try how good it is working first ...