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Thread: Too Much MS

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    Too Much MS

    I am a veterinarian. We keep our records on a proprietory software called Avimark. The program is only written for Microsoft. I have been playing around with Wine and able to see, access and do some data entries . Unfortunately with Wine there are still gaps with the program that at this point make running the program in Wine not an option.
    My next approach was to see how virtualization with the xp as the client would work . Everything is working fine.
    My question is two-part 1.) would I be able to set up a linux server with virtual xp/program as the client and would that be reliable? 2.) there are 6-8 workstation that would need to access this program. I was considering that I would replace the xp Os on the workstations with a linux base Os too. I would need to be able to access the linux server simultaneously from the in-house workstations and simultaneously via the internet. Right now I use LogMeIn for internet access but that only allows one computer to capture the server at a time. Is what I am attempting to do feasible and if so I would I go about dong this it.?
    I am new to linux so do not assume anyting. Sorry about that!
    I would very much like to wean off of Microsoft product if possible.
    Thanks for your time.

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    how does the program work, is it software installed on the server and software installed on the client? It sounds like at the very least the server needs to be windows, and that server can be virtualized. If it requires software on the client then probably won't work to change your client machines to linux. If its web based or can work in a terminal server, then you could have just the server windows and clients could be anything as long as they can rdp to the server. xp will not nativley do term server for more than 1 person.

    It sounds like though, if you already have windows clients and servers, you won't be gaining much by trying to do this.

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