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    Copying a File over the Network


    I hope this is the right forum section for this question.

    I've already set up file sharing between my PS3 (with Yellow Dog Linux) and my PC (with Windows 7). I can see a file I create as a test on both side of the network share. For example, I created "test.txt" on the Network folder, and both OS' see it.

    My goal is to create an iso of a Blu-ray movie and as it's ripping, using the dd_rescue command, I would like it to go over the network and dump to the PC on the fly. The issue I have right now is when I dump the iso to the network share folder (which I can see on the PC side) it actually dumps on my PS3 harddrive. I don't want that as I only have 10G of space and I need at least 30-35G for the entire iso. My PC has the space I need.

    Is there a way to dump it on the fly over the network to my PC harddrive? It seems I'm really close.

    What I've been doing today is using this command:

    cd PS3Share to get me to the network share folder I can see from my PC.

    Once at that directory, I use:

    dd_rescue /dev/scd0 vid.iso

    I would have thought that any file being dumped in the PS3Share folder would automatically go to my PC, but it doesn't.

    What am I missing?


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    AFAIK, and from my reading of the man page(s):

    1. This is a file/device-oriented copy, not directory-based. You can backup an entire partition such as /dev/sda1 or device such as /dev/sda that way, but not a directory, per se.
    2. There is no option to run continuously.
    3. Backing up partial files until they are done is not supported.

    There is also ddrescue (dd_rescue without the under_score). It has some more options that might work to backup a file that is still open for write, such as (from the ddrescue man page):
           -T, --try-again
                  mark non-split, non-trimmed blocks as non-tried
    The rsync command is more suitable for file/directory level copying, but AFAIK it does not have a continuous-retry mode and may or may not backup unfinished files correctly. Don't know as I haven't tried that. My guess is that it will copy until it gets to the end of the file and then stop or go on to the next file.
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