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    hey everyone!!!
    i am about to follow a simple "how to" to install a web server on a linux machine with all the default settings(i.e no conf file is being edited (httpd.conf etc))......
    here are a set of few questions i would like to know regarding such a web server:
    (1) at which ip can i access this server on lan???
    (2) can i access this server (using my public ip) from anywhere using internet??
    (3)can i assign a proper hostname(like h**p:\\w** to access this server from anywhere using internet??if yes then do i need some DNS configuration ???


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    1. you access it on the IP you assigned it on the lan
    2. you need your the box connected to the internet configured to forward to your web server
    3. You need to buy a domain name and register it in some DNS servers and point it to the IP of your net connected box

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    RE: webserver

    1.) you can access the webserver on the local ip, which you may want to set statically, or on from the same machine it is installed on. You can find Info for setting a static IP on your linux box by searching google for: "/etc/network/interfaces"

    2.) depending on your connection and network setup, yes. If you are using a router then you need to set it up to forward port 80 to that machine. Once again, a static IP is a good idea.

    3.) you may want to look at a service like or which allows you to setup a subdomain to point at a DHCP assigned public address. Your router, like most newer ones these days, may have a dynamic DNS update utility built in, which you can use to automatically update if your public IP address changes, which is common on Cable or DSL connections.

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