Hi Guys, I have a samba server running 9.04 jaunty joined to a Windows AD domain. I need to set it up so that only members of the Windows groups have permissions to the shared samba directories

my domain is it.domain.com and my domain controller is called win2ks
my ubuntu machine is linux1.it.domain.com

Users can authenticate as IT\username but I can't access my samba shares from a windows box, and I am completely lost in what should be in my smb.conf

I have set to different security modes and it will work, but in that case, anyone can access them.

workgroup = IT
realm = DOMAIN.COM
security = ADS

        comment = Linux Server Share for Admin Group
        path = /var/custom/shared/admin
        browsable = yes
        create mask = 0755
        writable = yes
        guest ok = yes

If anyone has any experience with setting up samba permissions on a domain, please help me out

Thanks in advance!