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    Need a monitoring program for three different linux.

    So heres the deal:

    I have three servers, one with ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala, one with openSUSE 11.2 and one Where the operating system is to be decided later
    What i need is a program that can monitor all three servers with information like:
    -CPU +++

    The best would be if it could be generated into php or something like that.
    I also want this to run either from the SUSE server or from the ubuntu server.
    Any ideas?

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    For monitoring, I was happy with munin for quite a while and can still recommend it.
    Munin - Trac
    Very simple to have all the basic monitoring done.

    However, as the number of my servers grew close to 4digits, I switched to xymon, formerly known as hobbit.
    green : Xymon - Status @ Fri Feb 26 19:26:48 2010

    Nagios of course is also worth mentioning, but I dont have recent experience with it.
    Nagios - The Industry Standard in IT Infrastructure Monitoring
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    Zabbix, if you plan to monitor your network and things like that.
    Has up to date documentation and a very active community.

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    ... you will be surprised what AoMi can do for you


    you want to monitor your LINUX server from a remote WINDOWS- or LINUX- machine ? Or vica verse ? Resource consumption ? Runtime ? End-to-end-responsetime ? MySQL last query costs ? MySQL statement runtime ?

    Visit my http:/ and select File Sharing:
    There you will find AoMi-LINUX-, AoMi-WINDOWS- and AoMi-XAMP-screenshots.

    However if you are interested in the real thing, type:

    http:/ or

    I am pretty sure this multi-language-, multi-browser-package will be the answer to your performance monitoring project. It's a classic XAMPP application exploiting AJAX speedwise. And most important to you it's pure PHP with MySQL.

    Have fun and
    Enjoy AoMi rtm (realtime monitor)


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