Hi. I'm trying to setup virtual user accounts on my web server using Dovecot and Sendmail but I've been having some problems that I was hoping someone could help me with.

My sendmail virtual users file looks something like this:

at_domain1 %1%3
at_domain2 %1%3

I have dovecots mail_location pointing to:


So that it looks for a file with the domain name and then inside of that a folder for the user. The problem is that sendmail is creating a single file for all the user's mail inside of /var/mail instead of inside of /var/mail/%d/%n/.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Right now I'm using squirrelmail to access the inbox and whenever you login the inbox is empty because the mail is in the wrong location.

Or perhaps I'm a chicken running around in the dark with my head chopped off. I really need to get my email system back up asap and it's driving me a bit nuts. Any help is greatly appreciated!