Hi folks,

Host - Ubuntu 9.10 64bit
Virtualizer - KVM

I followed;
Virtualization With KVM On Ubuntu 9.10
Virtualization With KVM On Ubuntu 9.10 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

to install this Virtual Machine. The steps worked without problem. But I have following points can't be resolved:-

I can't find the option on vmbuilder for selecting the packages to install. (no GUI)

If the OS to be installed is an iso image what command shall I run, especially Windows?

I tried to run "rdesktop" to connect the VM without success. I have no idea what shall I replace for "abcd", e.g

$ rdesktop -a 16 -N is the host ip address.

Finally I install virt-manager. It works to connect the VM

Please help. TIA