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    using mysql or apache, I wanna migrate user online.

    I got one problem.

    there is apacheA and apacheB box.
    and some client connecting to apacheA box.
    I wanna migrate client from apacheA to apacheB and do not break out user connecting.

    there is same problem with mysql.
    I wanna migrate client from mysqlA to mysqlB and do not break out user connecting.

    thank you for helping me.
    sorry for my english.

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    with the apache, make sure you have all of your configuration files copied/backed up onto apacheB. make sure that the httpdoc folder is in the same location, and copy all the files over.

    with the mysql, you could export/dump the entire DB and import/insert it back into tha apacheB box, but when you back it up/dump it, make sure that you export with creation commands(it saves trying to hand type all the tables and records).

    you'll also need to check your router(if you are using one) to make sure the port is being forwarded to the proper IP address(ie. port 80 -> 192.168.1.XXX)

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