Hi all,

I have a Redhat server running some services, on 3 different ports, that I'd like to be viewed on the Internet using port 80.
(This is due to Firewall restrictions)

The setup is:
One server running Redhat 9.
Mail server on port 8100
(Mail admin. interface on port 8010)
CMS on port 8082 & 8081.

What I've tryed to create seen from the Internet, using Apache mod_proxy, is the following mapping:
mail.hostname.com => hostname.com:8100
mailadmin.hostname.com => hostname.com:8010

It seems to work as far as to the login page of the mail server, and as soon as I try to login, it fails to retreive the web pages.

Does anyone have a tip for how to do this??????

Redhat Newbie