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Thread: WebServer Help

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    WebServer Help

    I have a local webhost setup, I run an apache database on a Linux server that serves an office building. The linux server is inside the office building sharing the incoming line. The problem I'm having is PCs on the network can access the outside internet at a fast rate but for some odd reason they cannot access the inhouse database at the same rate. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this. I adjusted the KeepAlive setting but the Initial login and after it times out is very slow. I have included a pic of the network setup if that helps. If someone could explain how to make the setup work so that when a PC from inside our LAN tries to access the database it sends the request straight to the netserver, bypassing the internet. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm inclined to think that this is not a server issues as so much as a networking issues, but im not posititve. When you say in house database, do you mean like a mySQL? or the web interface to one? Also, is this server acessable to the outside world? if so, how are thier access rates?
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    Yes the database is accessible to the outside world, and it is much faster connecting to it that way. We use MySql also.

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