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    Which Server Distro?

    Hi, I'm setting up a small home server, it will have a vpn access server and run a couple of applications including a virtual machine.

    it will be running on an old Pentium 4 Socket 478, i686 architecture as far as I can tell. (release around 2001) so pretty old and feeble.

    so I am looking for a lightweight secure server distro that meet the above specification. I initially thought Ubuntu, because I am familiar with it, but i know from experience that Ubuntu is bloated, I read Debian was decent, but I don't know.

    Any suggestions?


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    We have a favourite derver distro thread which might help you make a choice.

    My preference is for RedHat, my server runs CentOS, which is a rebadge of RH's server distro. Until just after xmas it was running fine on a dual PIII 1Ghz, so you'll have no problems running most modern server Linuxes on your hardware.

    If you're more familiar with Ubuntu, you might prefer Debian upon which Ubuntu is based. For servers you'll probably find your choice is less about performance and latest features and more about stability and how comfortable you are maintaining it with the tools it comes with.
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    thanks for the advice, ill have a look into both. the reason I specified performance is because I was hoping to run a vpn server with some potentially heavy traffic inside a virtual machine, so all that encryption could eat up resources in no time, although it will be a single user server.

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