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    Domain and Directory Services under Linux

    I'm currently researching for a way to create a Domain for Windows users and an Active Directory under Linux. I've googled around for various methods of doing so and I wanted to see if I'm in the right path.

    First there's Samba along with OpenLDAP. I've encountered this method a lot and it seems it's the most popular way of doing it. Now I'm talking about making the server a PDC, doesn't sound like it's simple to implement and I've read that the current version of Samba doesn't fully support AD.

    Then I found 389 Directory Server and there is a good guide that sorta guides you trough the process of creating a PDC and using 389.

    What I'm looking to do is:
    • Create a PDC in a Linux server
    • There has to be a Directory, along with policies.
    • The directory has to replicate to at least other 2 servers

    Also, if such solution is posible, is there a way to migrate an Active Directory to another solution?

    Thanks for your time

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    I am waiting for samba 4 ...

    Hope there will be a beta soon ...

    I've tried samba3 with openldap ... but there where some issues, as:
    - No AD-Policies (I couldn't set up Kerberos, just didn't get it)
    - Desktop and Own-Files deleted some files
    - Changing password had a strange behavior ... because I just changed the NT-HASH password ... but not the other hashes ...

    Small problem like that occurred in my tests ...

    It's my first time I've heard about the 389 Directory Server.

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    Apparently it's what Red Hat uses but without the payed support, it's completely open source.

    I was reading on samba 4 and it mentions native support for AD and other goodies, unfortunately I can't wait until it's released. Another option I saw was Apache Directory Service, but it seems a little new and experimental.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokurosv View Post

    First there's Samba along with OpenLDAP. I've encountered this method a lot and it seems it's the most popular way of doing it.
    I think you are wrong here. For windows clients the most popular way is active directory
    lots of good links here
    What Are Some Good Open Source Alternatives to Active Directory? - Server Fault
    but, I don't think there is any real alternative to Active Directory to provide as good control over windows machines. samba 4 sounds promising, but its not here yet.

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    Sounds like it cannot be fully replaced with open source solutions. Thanks for the link, found a couple of useful links. Still what are the main limitations of using an OSS solution? I think the most important factor would be policies.

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