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    Is it possible to obtain the Windows user from Samba?

    BUT - without joining the Linux box to the Windows domain....

    I want to use a Linux box as a print server. I want to be able to restrict access to certain printers based on the Windows user.

    If I set up the queues as lpd queues then this is fine, the Windows user is sent through when someone tries to print.

    HOWEVER, lpd is not scaleable and with the number of users I have this just doesn't fly; huge backlogs are experienced.

    So, using Samba is great; no backlogs, good performance, BUT the Windows user is not available. Every print is printed as whatever account is configured in Samba, or the 'Nobody' account.

    I could join the Linux server to the Windows domain and use Winbind but I wondered if there was any simple way to get the Windows user through Samba without having to join the Windows domain?

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    I don't think there is a way to query users and have it authenticate a service. You would need to have some hook into pam to do the auth, typically winbind. so you would need to join the machine.

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    Shame - I don't need to authenticate as such. Just retrieve the username, like lpd can do. I thought that since lpd queues have access to the username, without any additional configuration or joining the machine to the Windows domain, that there might be a simple way to do it.

    Never mind...

    Thanks for the reply anyway

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    Im currently on a course (RH423) with a hideously over qualified RH instructor and he doesnt seem to think theres a way of doing this (just to reinforce jledheads opinion).

    Whether you use samba, LDAP or an anonymous read-only bind to retrieve who it is that is connecting you are at some point still going to have to bind, sorry! If you need any help binding I do this regularly on AIX and RH so give a shout.

    Im hoping someone will come up with a way to do it and shoot us down in flames, but I doubt it.

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    Wow - don't think I've ever had a faster reply to a post!

    Thanks. Looks like I'll have to join the machine.....

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