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Thread: postfix problem

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    postfix problem

    I am busy configuring a smtp server for our network. I have postfix, Mailscanner and mailwatch installed, they are all working. If I set on my PC, that my outgoing mail server is that server, lets say then I can send no problem, scans the mail and everything.

    the problem comes in when I use a different mail server(for testing I use in my thunderbird, and then on our office firewall I forced smtp to that server, I get mail server sent incorrect greeting.

    However If I do the same thing, but redirect it to our current postfix server, the mail sends no problem.

    Is there something that I am missing?

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    thunder bird incorrect greeting can mean several things. What I always do when setting up a mail server is test using telnet
    Send Email via Telnet

    this seems to be the best way to find out where your problem is breaking down. Give that a try and let us know.

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    I know that the smtp works, because I can send via the server, if I specify it as my server.

    but If I force smtp to the server, it doesn't accept the connection.


    telnet on port 25, get connection:
    ehlo localhost gice out the correct info.

    When I force smtp to the server, and then telnet on port 25 to a random IP, the I get cannot connect to SMTP server x.x.x.x, connect error 10060.

    To summarize, I basicly need the smtp server to accept all connections, no matter what outgoing server the client is set to.

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