I'm working on a web application hosted locally on a Windows FAT32 partition and I need to make it accessible from my Linux and Windows installations. So far it works flawlessly on Windows under XAMPP.

On Linux, in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf, I configured an alias pointing to the folder on the Windows drive:

Alias /application /media/WINDOWS/blah/blah/application
However, I get a "403: Forbidden" error when trying to access /localhost/application.

I guess the reason why this happens is that Apache runs as the "apache" user and group, while the partition belongs to my user and the "disk" group.

I could add apache to the "disk" group, but that doesn't seem sane to me, because I don't want to grant Apache access to the whole Windows partition. Is there any way to give Apache access to that particular folder, without having to change ownership for the entire partition?

I use Sabayon Linux, in case that matters.