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    Right on FTPServer/FileSystem

    Hi all,

    I'm a new Debian administrator and I have a question about FTP.

    I use Proftpd (with TLS) to access documents. By twisting the conf file, I can restrict right on folder per user.

    For example,

    John can read /var/ftp/x
    James can read and write /var/ftp/x


    In order to work, John and James must have a valid system account, so they can log with ssh (I need it for a svn+ssh server)... My problem is that I cannot set a valid permission on directory /var/ftp/x in order to allow james to RW and John to R.

    Is there a solution for this?


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    You could chown it to Jame's account and chgrp it to John's group, and perm it accordingly. Or you could set up ACL support, which is a major pain.

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    I would just set them us as members of different groups. John's group gets only read perms on the dir, while Jame's gets rw.

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    I would advise to use GNU Rush - Restricted user shell

    With that you can restrict the interactive shell access to svn only.
    Therefore you can de-couple ftp from svn a bit more
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