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    Quote Originally Posted by gumaheru View Post
    Actually on the server side don't put a src ip at first. Let's just see if there is any traffic coming in. So it would be "tcpdump -i eth0:1"
    The responde to command tcpdump -i eth0:1 is

    10:36:42.338308 IP > P 2331264:2331508( 244) ack 9985 win 8576
    10:36:42.338383 IP > P 2331508:2331656( 14 ack 9985 win 8576
    10:36:42.355897 IP > P 9985:10037(52) a ck 2314544 win 64091

    18340 packets captured
    18340 packets received by filter
    0 packets dropped by kernel

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    Is this the output you got from the ssh attempt? If so then it looks like you are hitting the virtual nic. Time to run ssh in debug mode on the ssytem. Run another instance of sshd from the commmand line but make sure that you specific debug and another port.
    /usr/sbin/sshd -d -p 1153

    Then try to connect with ssh to port 1153. You should see some output from the ssh debug session. Also have a tcpdump session on both ends just to watch the traffic. Make sure that you specify port 1153 on both tcpdumps. This should give you more then enough information on what is going on.

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