I have a requirement to run a samba server, currently I am using samba server
Version 3.0.28-0.5-1657-SUSE-CODE10

I have three other linux machines, a Whitebox, SLES10SP2, and SLES11. on the Whitebox and SLES10SP2 machines, they mount using mount.smbfs, and are able to pull files from the server without any case sensitivity.

One the SLES11 machine, the mount.smbfs is no longer available, and am forced to mount with cifs. I am not able to get cifs to behave in the same way being able to retrieve files from the server.

For example. On the server is a files called TEST.tst, in a dir called TEST1.
Using mount.smbfs on the whitebox and sles10 machines, I might mount this to /pub/test/, so I would see /pub/test/TEST1/. I can get the TEST.tst file using /pub/test/test1/test.tst, or any other combination or upper/lower case.

However, on the machine I am forced to use cifs on, I am unable to do so. If I mount with "nocase", I can get to the directory with or without case, but cannot get the files. The only way to get the file is with the real path /pub/test/TEST1/TEST.tst.

Is there a way to work around this and make cifs behave like smbfs did?