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    Forward non-local mail with postfix?

    Hey there. Is it possible on an outgoing SMTP postfix server to forward non-local email to a different destination? The situation is this: I've got an application that uses an application-only SMTP server to send email to an email address for our company for all application errors. This email currently goes through the whole corporate email pipeline, through exchange, through spam checkers, etc... We have a second mail server only for the account that spools all of the emails that's outside of the whole pipeline. I'd like to move mail from the outgoing SMTP server, directly to the destination server (both are under my control) without going through the internet to the MX host, etc ... Note, I don't want local delivery on my outgoing SMTP postfix server. I need to forward non-local email for a single account (not a whole domain) to a different server. Is this even possible?

    Currently: app -> appSMTP -> internet -> MS Exchange (our MX for our domain) -> appPOP
    I control appSMTP and appPOP
    I'd like to do: app -> appSMTP -> appPOP

    Thanks in advance
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